Tuesday, 9 May 2017

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Building a Farm Maths Project

Hi, All! Are you coming to the end of your year and would love to consolidate those Maths standards in a way that will get your children engaged and excited?  I know when it comes to this point in the school year, before testings and reports (if you haven't already done this!) you just want to make sure that these key units have been covered and the kids get it! Even if you are ready of all the formal things that you had to do, this is such a fun way to end the school year...

I have used this pack with my little ones and it really engaged them with all Math topic areas.. without them really thinking about it. Welcome to... (drum roll)... The Farm!

The kids will receive a letter from farmer Joe asking them to help him get his farm ready for a new season. He wants a bigger, better farm this year.. of course! As any farm would, they would present their helpers with the material that they need for the duration.
The class or group (however you want to work it) have to work their way through 6 projects, that cover the k1 or P1 (early stages) of Maths. There is a bit of reading involved, which would be the teacher's task or a more able pupil. This pack is very flexible and has been created in a way to meet all needs.
As the kids work their way through the project, they will be creating and adding elements to their own cardboard farm. 

I have shown you how we did ours but really, use what you have/can and just go for it. There is no right or wrong way to present this.. be creative! I used Amazon book packaging for this project if you are interested in how we presented ours.

So, what are the projects focussing on? 

Project 1 will ask the children to measure an area using fences. They need to use their number and measuring knowledge here to create a fence around the barn. Consolidation of base 10/ place value will make an appearance here using the total measuring length. What is that in 10's and 1's? Children will show you on their planning pages.

Project 2- Children will have to figure out how many hen houses they need for inside the fence using their counting in 10's and 1's knowledge.

Project 3- Children will be asked to read numbers to 10 and sort them out smallest to largest/ largest to smallest on the field. Using comparing numbers symbols the children will be able to separate the tractors out and show their understanding on the pages provided and on the farm project that you are building.

Project 4- Children will show their ability to count numbers to 20, identifying numbers and counting to match number name with the digit. They will be busy sorting out the carrots in the field in this project!

Project 5- It's time to add the animals to the farm. Children will be using their addition to 10 knowledge to think of animal pairings for the pens. 5 groups are needed and each animal total must equal 10. Once they have found their pairs, they can add them to the project and label the posts!

Project 6- Shapes, shapes and shapes! There are a number of shapes that you can see on a farm and the children here need to look at the farm shape and identify the shapes that they look like, adding them to the project. They also need to create a design for Farmer Joe as he wants a new building. But, it has to be made out of shapes and the children show their knowledge of shapes by writing the names, vertices and sides too if you wish, to the design plan.

As you can see, the project really covers a number of skills. Not only Math skills but collaborative skills.. problem-solving and working as part of a team. Really hope you enjoy using this. If you do, please send me some pics at applesofgold123@gmail.com. I'd really love to see how your class got on with their own farm!

Have fun!