Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Composing and Decomposing Numbers from 10-20

 Good Day! Come and take a look at my 'I can Compose and Decompose Numbers from 10-20' pack. I wanted to create an Interactive pack that would allow the kids to practice their skills all on one page and in a booklet form. Here it is!

We are focussing on the K.NBT.A.1 Math Standard.

The kids cut the pieces on the right and stick on the left. 

If your kids are not used to working with 10's frames, this is a great way to help them get started. The focus number in these pictures are 10. So for example,  the children can practice coloring in 10 squares. They have to understand that 10 ones are the same as saying 1 ten and they will show their understanding of composing and decomposing by completing the sentences under the frames.  

Children will select the tally mark that fits in with the focus number for that page, sticking it into the froggy frame! These frogs are so stinking cute, I have to say, I love the theme! 

 Next, your kids look at a selection of equations and choose which of these to stick down on to the lily pads. 
I continue to consolidate how the number 10 can be made up of 1 ten and 0 ones and if you just 'flip' the equation around, it comes to the same thing. 0 ones and 1 ten is still 10.  
The kids show their understanding of this by noting down the equations in the 'Making 10' frame.

Lastly, the kids cut out their base 10 materials and stick them in the correct column in the jar. 
It is great for the kids to see another way of how to represent the number 10. Reiterating the fact that
there are 1 ten and 0 ones in ten. 

Simple elements in a fun and engaging way. My kids love the frogs but love the cutting and sticking aspects too. It keeps them focused and also drives them to perfect their scissor skills. 

Here is an overview of the main pages in the pack. Additional pages of consolidation are also included. 

Hope you are all having a great day! 

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