Friday, 15 April 2016

Upcycling for my new class

Upcycling has become the new latest craze and I have to admit that I have become totally hooked! The sense of accomplishment when you step back and look at your creation after you remember what it used to look like makes you feel rather proud of yourself!

At the moment, our school is getting ready to move into a new school building. We are a small, Christian school and our current location is not where we wanted to stay long term. So! A new school means lovely new furniture. Or old furniture that's been dressed up! Returning from the charity shop with two new (old?!) pieces of furniture meant painting time. Which I love to do.

so,  after a good clean, I began to prime the book unit.....


Then another coat was added....
Now the fun part! I love this 'Javan Dawn' colour. It's so bright and will fit into my class beautifully.

The second coat brings out the colour so much more.  

Now to add a spot of colour and door handles. I've glued polka dot ribbon onto the book unit and really cute door handles that I picked up from a local shop. I love how just small details can make the piece stand out.

Close up of my door handles. 

All finished now and ready to be transported into my new classroom which I will not reveal until everything has been sorted out. Slowly but surely getting there on that front but that is for a different post!

The table that you saw in the first picture was transformed the same way but by painting it a lovely Gold colour. I added blackboard paint, which will be used as a word work table. I finished it off with some bright tape.



I hope that this has inspired you in some way to pick up a paintbrush. It doesn't take a lot of effort, paint or time to transform something old to brand new! Happy painting!