Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Interactive Digraph Notebook

I have just recently completed my Interactive Digraph Notebook. Phew! It took a while but I am so please with how it turned out. I have made this notebook in a way that incorporates context with each digraph word. The thief roaming in the dark city is an example of how this notebook may be a little different to other notebooks. I really believe that it helps the children remember the words that they are learning when they think back to that specific page in their notebooks. For example, remembering the buildings, the thief pictures and the stars can help the students remember how they learned the spelling of the word thief.
Since this is aimed at K-2 level, it really is up to the teacher/ student how much detail is added to each page. There are some more challenging scissor skills needed in some areas. My kids are very good with their scissor skills and so they are eager to set out their page with all the bits and pieces! I am fortunate to have great teacher assistants in my class and so they are great at helping the kids with their cutting if they need it.
This pack contains a page for each of the digraph words (ch, sh, ph, wh, th). At the end of each unit, the children are tested on their spelling ability and this is when my kids are so excited to take their notebooks home and revise over the words that they have been learning. They are so proud to share their notebooks with their families. I really believe that these interactive notebooks make learning fun and engaging!
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