Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Looking Back!

Thinking back to the beginning of last session, I created and used this resource as part of a getting to know you activity. The kids enjoyed the passport theme and it was a great way for me to find out more about them in a fun, interactive way. They learned more about each other and it was fun for them to see their teacher join in too! Can you believe that a teacher is actually a real human outside of work! With an actual first name, hobbies and interests! This was a definite hit!

We created a display and the kids proudly showed of their booklets. As part of their craftivity, they drew a picture of themselves inside the lens of the camera and wrote about their goals for the year ahead.

It's always great to look back on previous years and see what's worked and what didn't. I will use this again in the future for sure. It's a versatile craft too as you can really use the camera theme for any of your own topics in the classroom.