Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nouns at the Zoo!

It has been a bit of a crazy month! With a new baby just weeks away and trying to finish off work before I leave for some time off, I have been neglecting this blog a little. Sorry! Between painting and decorating the nursery, completing TPT products and looking after 2 kids already, I have not had much time to update! I am hoping that this isn't a sign of times to come and that I will be able to fit everything into a schedule once little bean is here and settled.

I have a new product in my store just now that I hope you will find useful in your classrooms. Nouns at the Zoo was made as a theme for the kiddos to learn different types of Nouns across different areas that you would find in a Zoo. Travel round the zoo with your map and you will find different Nouns to learn about! Including Common, Proper and Possessive Nouns! I really enjoyed creating this one!