Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Getting To Know You Freebie!!

I have been focussing on adding more punctuation activities to my resources recently. I wanted to get more creative in this area and create some activities that would continue to engage the students whilst we look at periods, exclamation marks and question marks. I have now created the ' Beginner's Punctuation Activities' unit, which is now found in my TPT store. I have included a fair few center based activities as well as plenty practice pages for each of the 3 punctuation ends.

 By the end of the unit, the students should have a good knowledge of periods, exclamation marks and question marks!  

As part of my "getting to know you," I am giving you all 3 pages of this unit. I hope that this will give you a wee glimpse into what this unit is about. Click here for your FREE 3 page product!

Friday, 27 March 2015


I am so excited to be finally jumping on the blogging wagon! I never thought that I would actually have a blog at all but it is exciting to think that someone, somewhere *may* actually be reading what I have written! I am looking forward to sharing my resources and teaching experiences with you and I hope that we can chat along the way about what we love to do best. Teach!